About The Real Church Hurt

About The Real Church Hurt

The Real Church Hurt isn’t just a website; it’s a response to the very real pain many have experienced. The church should be a haven, but for too many, it’s been a place of hurt. We're here to help you navigate that pain, and rediscover a genuine relationship with God—away from fear and towards grace.

Our Vision

  • Restore hope in hearts that have been shattered by negative religious experiences.
  • Shift the narrative from serving God out of fear to embracing His love and grace.
  • Foster a community that supports, understands, and uplifts its members, helping them find rest in God's promises.

Our Values

  1. Grace is Unmerited: We believe that God's grace isn't something we earn but a gift He freely gives.
  2. Love Over Fear: Serving God shouldn't be rooted in fear, but in a genuine understanding of His unconditional love.
  3. Community Matters: Healing from church hurt is a journey, and we’re here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

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